13 Mar

I finally visited the supermarket chain/conglomerate/corporation/monster that is Costco this weekend.

It was an interesting morning going from the South Melbourne Market to Costco.  On the one hand, all seasonal produce, sold in small stalls, with an emphasis on freshness and taste.  On the other, bulk produce, sold in a HUGE warehouse-style building, with an emphasis on cost-saving and convenience.

I feel this picture says it all:

Kleenex Wall

Now, I’m not going to lie, I did buy a few items, and I can see Costco’s place in the world, but I dislike the whole idea of bulk selling fresh meat, fruit and veg.  Go there for your toilet paper if you must but the market will always be my top choice for fresh produce.  It’s a shame that so many people were doing their weekly (or more likely monthly by some trolley loads I saw) shopping all in one go at Costco with obviously no thought as to where this produce comes from.  If this is coming from Australian farmers I would be very surprised.  There were certain Aussie brands around, but by far the majority were not, and it is disappointing that this is so.  I hope that the Costco phenomenon doesn’t catch on in Australia – we have absorbed enough of the fast-food ethos from America as it is.


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