What better to do on a sunny Autumnal day? Bake a cake! No, two!

29 Mar

Uber motivated today – baked two (yes TWO) cakes today!

Over Christmas I decided it was time for a new cookbook, so I picked up the new Delicious More Please cookbook, by Delicious food director Valli Little.  It is pure food porn, honestly I can sit and read it like a book.  The recipes are grouped in terms of season, so you can choose something which has readily available ingredients – very handy!

I had resolved over Christmas to make at least 3 things a month from said cookbook…I am very, very behind!

So today I had fun with the Ying-Yang Chocolate cake (pg.122), and the Classic Vanilla Cheesecake (pg.236).

There were some substitutions –

– milk chocolate for dark chocolate (family preference),

– vanilla essence/sugar for vanilla pods (hey, these aren’t show cakes, they were just for fun!)

But all in all was pretty true to the recipes, which is different for me.

The chocolate cake was an interesting one for me – I for some reason have trouble baking sponges and sponge-type anything (I include anything involving egg whites under this title, so you now know it is pretty extensive).  I am trying to overcome this, and this semi-flourless cake seemed like the ideal stepping stone to trial with.

I was a bit worried, but it all looked good in the oven:

Ying-Yang Chocolate Cake 1

Once it was out of the open, it deflated a tiny amount, but nothing significant.

Then, I had to make it purty…

Ying-Yang Chocolate Cake 2

I used baking paper, cut into the shape of a ying-yang symbol.  Dusted one side with icing sugar, the other with cocoa powder.  It was so pretty, I had to add another circle in.

Ying-Yang Cake

Ying-Yang Chocolate Cake Final

It was a perfect accompaniment to dinner, which was spiced roasted chicken with potatoes and a avocado salsa.  Garnished with a little dollop of whipped cream on the side.  The picture below isn’t sexy, but imagine eating a cake that tastes like a snickers bar.  Yep.



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