How to “whip up” some quick buttercream icing

17 Apr

Pardon the pun.  😀

This is my go to icing recipe for all things decorating.  Adjust as necessary.

So basically, when you decorate a cake, you first have to decide if you want to use fondant or buttercream.  Both have pros and cons.  Buttercream’s main pro is it tastes divine.  Fondant’s is that it’s so much smoother and more professional-looking than icing.  The picture below is of a cake I made about a month ago.  It shows you can achieve a perfectly smooth look with buttercream.  It just takes some effort!  That said, fondant makes some truly marvellous cakes.  Stay tuned for my Portal cake write-up coming in the next couple of days.

Buttercream icing makes pretty pretty cakes...

Easy Buttercream icing/frosting:

-250 grams butter (softened, not melted.  NEVER MELTED FOR ICING*.)

– 3 cups (500 grams) icing sugar (sifted!)

– dash of milk/shortening, and/or food colouring

Beat the butter until as white as possible.  Don’t be afraid to let your mixer just sit there going at it for about 5 minutes.  Just scrape the sides a bit.  Once the butter is beaten, add the icing in small scoops, mixing well.

Aqua icing

Add milk/shortening, mix in.  Separate into bowls if you need different colours, and colour as necessary.  If using liquid food colouring, add less milk.  You can mix using a spoon, but make sure you mix well as you don’t want streaky icing.

This can be adjusted to suit your recipe.  It makes a fair quantity of icing, so depending on the cake you’re decorating, you may need to halve it or add.  The milk I add when I want a creamier icing, I add a small amount of shortening when I want something a bit harder.  Again, adjust as necessary.

If you need to store the icing, place it in the fridge in an airtight container.  Whip up again before use.  Don’t store more than a couple of days though, unless you are just using it under fondant or something.  It won’t be as nice on its own anymore after a few days.

This particular icing was made with 1 tbsp of milk added, and 4 drops food colouring (blue). Makes it creamier. Good for cupcakes. If you want something flat, add shortening.

*Melting butter in anything cake related is just bad.  Cookies etc. are ok.  In this case it produces an ugly, ugly coloured icing and the consistency is just BLEH.  You want your icing as white as possible.  It’s aesthetically better and tastes loads better.

As usual, any questions, let me know.

– Chefcrissy xx


7 Responses to “How to “whip up” some quick buttercream icing”

  1. Editor June 24, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    Have you made the frosting made with egg whites? I struggle withit


    • Crissy June 25, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

      Do you mean Italian meringue? Egg whites are… tricky. I always add a pinch of salt or a pinch of cream of tartar to egg whites. Helps heaps. Let me know how your next attempt goes!



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