Classy, yet sinful Chocolate Tart

8 Jun

This is hands down the best chocolate tart you will ever make.  I have people calling me weeks after parties asking me for the recipe.

Ingredients (serves 8-12)

You can make your own shortcrust pastry (I usually do), or you can use this AMAZING frozen pastry.

All hail the frozen pastry king

It’s by Careme*, and available at specialty shops and markets.  Absolutely divine.  I would be happy to eat just the pastry by itself most of the time.  And the quality is outstanding.  On a cost ratio, it is more expensive than your supermarket brands, but as it is chocolate pastry, if you add up the cost of making your own this comes out about on par.

Ok, rave over.

– 300ml thickened cream

– 1 tbsp castor sugar

– 100g unsalted butter

– 400g chocolate (milk or dark, your preference, I used milk)

– 100ml milk


Grease a 26cm loose bottomed flan tin.  Preheat oven to 200ºC.

Butter me up

Spread the pastry into the tin, making sure not to rip it!  Press into place using fingers.

Carefully spread the pastry

Trim any excess off the edges, and place in the refrigerator for about 15minutes.

Trim the top

Knead together any scraps of pastry you have.  Roll out 1cm thick and return to freezer for your next tart.  Don’t waste the goodness!

Once the pastry has chilled adequately, remove from the fridge and blind bake it for 15 minutes.  I don’t have pastry weights so I improvise:

Gotta weigh it down...


So, as I said before, blind bake for 15 minutes.  Remove weights and bake for a further 5-7 minutes.  Be very careful when removing foil from the tin – the pastry will want to rip.  Nono!

Let it crisp up

Now it’s time to make the filling.  Yummo.

Place cream and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil.  Take off the heat immediately and add the butter and chocolate.  Keep mixing to combine.

Melt the chocolate


Allow to cool slightly, and add the milk.  Whisk to combine.

Whisk the milk

This part is optional, but it greatly improves the final look of the tart.

Pass the chocolate mix through a sieve, catching any undissolved bits.  Easiest to do if you place the mix in a jug first.


Look at that sheen

Pour the sieved mixture into the still-warm tart shell.  Leave in the kitchen to cool.  Do not refrigerate it, it will spoil the look.

Pour it in

...keep pouring...

And let it set

It will have the most beautiful sheen once set, almost too pretty to top with anything.  If so desired, you can easily skip adding raspberries to the top of it.  I just love the colour and flavour combination of the two.

Raspberries and chocolate = perfect match

Oh and why not drizzle yet more chocolate on top?  Hee hee.

More chocolate? Yes suh!

Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.  Serves 8-12.

* visit for more info.


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