Extracts – an update

8 Dec

So, it’s been just about a month since I made this.  Just a quick one to mention it was a yummy success, and so simple that I decided to try making other extracts.

7/12/11 Darker, no?

No more with rum…sadly that bottle went way too quickly once we discovered how delicious Dark and Stormies are.


Nevertheless, most extracts are created with vodka, which makes sense, seeing as it is relatively tasteless, and takes on the elements of whatever is plopped into it.  Vanilla extract could be made with vodka easily, but I much prefer my wonderfully fragrant rum one.

To make any extract, all you really need is a 40% or over alcohol (80 proof) and something to infuse.  If for drinking purposes, you may wish to get a little silly, but I chose to be a bit more sedate and make a lemon extract.

Again with the random alcohol – I had a bottle of Kompleet (?!) Polish Vodka in my cupboard from god knows when.  Actually, that’s right, a family friend who dabbled in the alcohol import business.  Fun stuff.  Incidentally, even though it’s Polish, I’ve never even heard of the brand, but the bottle is pretty.

It would do nicely.

Ok, we have the vodka.  Next, the item to infuse in to the vodka.  Bring on the lemons!

Or, rather, lemon.  Don’t need too much, since I’m just making 80 mls of extract.

We only need the peel, so chop that all the rest off.

"...lemon world, doo doo doo doo doo..." (Lemonworld, The National)

Make sure you get rid of all the white stuff (pith, for those well versed in the citrus fruits) as it is bitter and won’t add anything positive to the end product.  Easiest way is to lay the blade flat against the peel and put a fair bit of pressure on it while cutting horizontally.  Continue to do this in layers until you have only peel left.

Like this, not like that

You can either leave the peel in big pieces, or chop it up =.  I made mine smaller, if only to fit into the tiny container I’d decided to use.

Chop chop

Just because I wanted to be all fancy-pants and use my shiny new knives to full advantage...

Once it’s all chopped up place into your container, fill with 80mls of vodka and voila, lemon extract.

So much yellow

As with the vanilla extract, don’t use it straight away.  Make sure you seal it up tight and place in a cupboard or dark corner to allow it to actually develop lemony flavours.  Shake once or twice a week.  Should be ready in about 2-3 weeks.

Stay tuned for the third and (probably) last extracts/infusions post – it may contain gummy bears!


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  1. Clark Winkley February 25, 2014 at 5:18 am #

    very nice submit, i definitely love this web site, carry on it



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    […] made using my very own Vanilla Extract and Lemon Extract.  Seriously, that stuff is heavenly. Shortbread with brandy butter filling Mini Fruit Mince Pies […]


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