Christmas – Easy Fruit Mince

10 Dec

Ah Christmas! How I love thee. My favourite time of year. What’s not to love? It’s mid-summer here in Australia, there’s beach, sun, extended vacation time and, of course, the food! Who could forget Christmas food! …I loooove making Christmas food. I can overlook the bad aspects to Christmas (and yes, grinches, I know there are many), because it’s simply a fun time of year to spend with those you love.

And with all that mushy stuff aside, let’s get to a recipe.

An easy one to begin with, and one that can be made in advance and placed in the fridge until needed….fruit mince! This one’s for you non-bakers out there also. Tarts are easy-peasy. And very forgiving.

Don’t go out and buy a jar of mince, those are full of orange peel and yuckiness. Also, this recipe you can change to your own personal preference – don’t like nuts? Get rid of ’em! Glacé cherries just a tad too sweet for you? Out with them! Substitute in the fruits you like/the ones you have on hand (eg. apples, raisins, figs, etc.)

I went with…

2/3 cup dates

1 cup currants

2/3 cup sultanas

1/3 cup flaked almonds

2/3 cup dried apricots

approx 10-12 glacé cherries

2 tbsp lemon rind, sliced finely

Chop up the dates, cherries and apricots finely, and place in saucepan. Measure out currants and sultanas, add to the saucepan.

Lightly toast the almonds in a pan, tossing constantly to prevent burning.

Don't let the almonds burn! Keep the pan moving.

Once nicely toasted, add to the saucepan.

Clockwise from top left: Dates, lemon rind, currants, flaked roasted almonds, sultanas, apricot

Add to this:

25g of butter

2 tablespoons of plum jam

2 tablespoons of dark rum, and

4 (loose) tablespoons of brown sugar

Heat on low heat until the butter and sugar has melted.

Mix until melted

Allow to cool, and place in a jar. Can be used anytime within the next month.

Keep refrigerated.

Cool then place in a jar

If keeping for longer, I’d suggest omitting the nuts – they’re the only part of that mix that may go a bit funky if left to its own devices for too many months. If you refrigerate it, it should be fine, but I wouldn’t take any chances.

This can then be used to make fruit mince tarts…yum! Which I will be making, but closer to the Big Day. In the meantime, here’s some I made last year.

(To the tune of George Michael's hit) Last Christmas, I made fruit mince tarts...

Now you have no excuse for not making your own – I showed you how easy the filling is to make! These also make delicious presents – the small ones to the right in the above picture are made in mini muffin tins. Perfectly bite-sized gifts.


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