Blue Muffins for a Long Weekend

9 Mar

Labour Day, also known as Eight Hours Day in Tasmania and May Day in the Northern Territory, commemorates the granting of the eight-hour working day for Australians. It also recognizes workers’ contributions towards the nation’s economy. It is an annual public holiday and its date varies across the states and territories.” Source

In reality, Labour Day for most people in Australia just means a long weekend.  Yee-hah!  To commemorate this auspicious occasion (and also because I had most of the afternoon off) I made muffins.  Blueberry ones.

Pretty muffins all in a row

Ingredients: (makes 12 medium muffins, 24 mini ones)

*Note: I was making this up as I went, so the ingredient amounts are approximate.  They worked, thankfully!

1/2 cup Caster sugar

1.75 cups plain flour

1 tbsp baking powder

2 eggs, slightly whisked already

1/2 cup milk

A little under half a stick of butter (110g) – melted

lots of vanilla essence (3-5 spoons)

lots of blueberries (fresh/frozen…doesn’t matter)

Oven: 200°C

Spray a 12-hole muffin pan with cooking spray.

Mix dry ingredients (sugar, flour, baking powder) together in a bowl.

Whisk wet ingredients (eggs, milk, butter, essence) together for about a minute or two, then add to dry ingredients.

Mix ’em together!

Not going to lie...I was quite worried when I took picture 3. It came good by #4 though. *phew*

At this stage, you can add the blueberries.  I used frozen ones.  Try not to let the colours run too much.  Blue muffins look silly.


Once mixed, grab an ice-cream scoop (yes, an ICE CREAM SCOOP) and scoop them into the muffin tray, like so:

It really is the easiest way to get cupcakes/muffins to the same size, I promise!

Then, throw them in the oven for 20 minutes.  Then, out they come!  I don’t have an oven mitt, so…

...I use this souvenir from Japan. Better than an oven mitt!

See! Tokapi in all his oven mitt glory! Oh and the muffins turned out alright.

Let them cool in the tray for about 5 minutes (if you like burny-pain, feel free to grab them out now, for +10 badass points), and let them cool on a wire tray.  I put mine into paper muffin cups.  Adds to the holiday feel of this weekend!

Pretty cases for pretty muffins

Happy Labour Day weekend, ye from Victoria and Tasmania!  To the rest, enjoy your slightly less awesome weekends.


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